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What our customers are saying

It’s relatively easy – and occasionally misleading – to use fancy catch phrases and promises on web pages and marketing materials in order to win over customers. Saying “We’re the best” may very well be true, but any business can say that about themselves, can’t they?


James R

Awesome! Just what I was looking for, coming from the north and being used to bakeries and bagel shops. And they have pork roll if you're into that sorts thing, which I am, I mean who isn't! Anyway, bagels and sandwiches and desserts are delicious.


Chris Cappella

I will go out of my way to get breakfast here! The best by far. Fresh cracked eggs for their breakfast sandwiches and fantastic pastries, cookies, bagels, etc. Best spot for breakfast sandwiches by far!!!!


Matt Higgins

Just had a bacon, egg, and cheese on egg everything and a raspberry danish. That was a great bagel sandwich and the best danish I’ve ever had. Great food here.


Allura Lothary

I really enjoy the bagels here! They are a decent price, plenty of options, and overall really good. This is the closest I've seen in the area to a classic new york style bagel. They could increase the cream cheese options, but overall it's a nice place with a very NY-vibe.


Brian Newman

Friendly and very helpful staff. In and out in a jiffy. Bagels are fresh and delicious. Nice store tucked away from Walmart. Reasonable prices.


Megan Perkins

This is an awesome deli.

I've been looking for a truly authentic deli experience and this is those closest I've found.

The bagels are delicious, the service is quick, and the lines are kept moving. Highly recommended.


Erin Kennedy

First time eating here today. The Meatball Parmigiana sandwich was probably the best deli sandwich I've ever had. The meatballs were very flavorful, the bread was perfectly soft inside with just enough crunch outside. The plentiful cheese was melted to perfection and, paired with the red sauce, softened the bread inside to just the right level of gooey-ness. The ratio of every bite was spot on, each containing meat, cheese, and sauce. Will most definitely be eating here again.


Angelique Davis

Love this place. made me miss new york bagels but definitely would recommend. Service great friendly and bagels are out if thia world


Scott Magee

Go for a bagel. Closest to what i'm used to from NY/NJ. Great crusts, and so chewy it hurts my temples (not noticeable over the flavor)!!! Love just about everything but their chicken parm sub/wedge. MEH! Also. Bing bing bing, great pastries baked in-house!!!


Amanda Kathleen

Got my car serviced at Ford Crossroads one day. They had some of their pastries in the waiting room. Decided to stop by the actual Bagel shop to get more pastries and haven’t stopped going ever since l. Great pastries, great bagels!!!


Ian Fox

Fantastic bagel sandwiches and lots of delicious fruit and cheese pastries. I've been here dozens of times and I am looking forward to visiting again.


Lee Bradshaw

I work with a lady from Long Island and she always says you can't get good bagels around here. I found out about NYBD from some friends at the fairground flea market. I bought a dozen bagels and took them to work. Needless to say I lost half of them to my family before they could make it in. My friend loves them and she says she is going to take her mother there this week. Now, I am hooked on these bagels.


Lynn Karas

As always great service, very friendly, very quick regardless if how long the line is! Everything I have tried is delicious! Coming from the Tri State area, make me feel like I have been briefly transported home!


Mandy Torto

Busy weekend breakfast spot. Great people. Don't be scared by the line, it goes quickly and it's worth it.


Matt Kucmyda

I recommend this place to LITERALLY everyone I can. This is a piece of home. I can walk in and order a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a (double) toasted everything bagel with SPK and they get it right everytime. The sandwiches are made with love (try the meatballs) and the service is quick. Come here to grab your desserts too. I am no longer homesick and NYBD has a BIG part in that.


Charles Giesler

Easily the best bagels and breakfast sandwiches in the Triangle. Aside from the bagels, they also have an excellent selection of other in house baked breads and rolls. Homemade pastries galore, love the Danish selections.

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